Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Mary Eats: Korean Culinary Vocabulary

I tripped over the Mary Eats blog a few weeks ago. I was in my office trying to decide what to order for dinner. At that point, I'd spent a few nights in a row studying late and the local 초밥, cho bap, restaurant knew me when I called AND knew what I was going to order complete with my passionate dislike of, 단무지, dan mu gee (the yellow stuff pictured on the right).

It was great they knew me, but it was time for a culinary change. I ran a search on a dish I had a taste for and the Mary Eats detailed post on 김밥나라, Kimbap Nara, came up. Well wouldn't you know I had a their menu handy. However, I chose to order from another place instead. Better food and the delivery guy has a crush on me, so I get extra kimchi. LOL...I'm serious, they've got GOOD kimchi too.

Speaking of kimchi, I was browsing ZenKimchi's blog today and he linked Mary Eats' post on Korean Culinary Vocabulary.

This is pretty much essential for anyone interested in Korean food. If you don't know this stuff know, you'll learn it as you go, so this gives you a head start. Newbies to Korea will appreciate it unless you like constant surprise and confusion.

Also, it's great for people like me. If you didn't get a sense of it yet, I tend to fall into food ruts. It was a 초밥 rut a few weeks ago. However, in San Francisco, it was wheat grass juice and carrot juice daily for lunch one summer. I was stylish, bartending and many dates girl at that time - gotta be cute, healthy food and a gym membership helps. Believe it or not, I liked it as something can't become a rut unless I enjoy the taste. I like my ruts, but I also know when to break them. Mary Eats will be able to help when I need to break the next one I fall into.

Here is the post: Korean Culinary Vocabulary

Enjoy and I hope you learn something new. I know I did.

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