Friday, July 20, 2007

Constipated? Have a Beer ...With Fiber!

Hite's exfeel-s photographed on an unidentified toliet (picture lifted from ZenKimchi)

Update: July 25, 2007 @ 1:08pm

A review of said fibrous beer from ZenKimchi himself: S-Hite it's Hite-S


Here is a great picture of Hite's exfeel-s beer. This is a new low calorie beer that has fiber. This is one step down from the low calorie Hite Exfeel. Yes, I said fiber. Here is the slogan:

Stylish Beer With Fiber

It's marketed as a beer that has dietary fiber to help you loose weight. However, folks can get a little stopped up in the Land of the Morning Calm.

This is true. I once worked at a camp where what they fed the kids was horrible. The camp was run by young people who, well, had not a clue about nutrition. So it was rice, meat, sodas, candy, yogurt, sweet breads and goodness knows what else but nothing healthy with fiber. We tried to tell them this couldn't be sustained over three weeks, but who were we? Clearly, just silly foreigners.

I can't blame it all on the camp, however, they WE'RE the ones responsible for the students. However, we were on a college campus and the meals were being provided by the school's cafeteria. You'd think the people there would have brought up the fact that what they were serving wasn't a healthy diet. However, clearly, being paid was the objective and sod actually providing healthy meals. Well, after a week or so a kid had to be taken to the local hospital to be, um, unstopped up.

If this is happening with children, then you know adults have this problem too. The solution: beer with fiber! I mean who would actually want to eat, um, veggies and grains? What about a balanced diet and exercise to loose weight? Beer with fiber! That's the ticket. (Sorry, I just can't turn the sarcasm off this morning.)

Anyway, only if paid enough money and being already quite drunk would I try this. However, maybe some of the braver souls over at will. I'll update this blog if they do.

ZenKimchi's blog from a few days back: Beer That Makes You Poo and MORE

Oh, The Chosun Ilbo has an article highlighting products to suit consumers’ wishes. This includes items such as a Hite beer (called “S”) that has extra dietary fiber. They claim that it’s to help people lose weight. But we all know how it will accomplish the task.

And it’s too much of the stars aligning just right that they are planning to call it “S,” as in “S Hite.”

So now, literally, “Hite makes you shite.”


Oh, Korea just cracks me up sometimes.

I'll stick with my Hoegaarden for now (it's about the best white beer you can find at most bars here) or the Shepherd Neame Bishops Finger (can you believe my former vicar turned me on to this brew? I love that story.)

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  1. Tried one tonight, cause of your post. I'll let you know the results later. Tasted like...well, a watered down cass, in other words, like S'hite...

  2. Have you seen the TV commercials for this? Hot Korean chick in a bikini drinking "stylish s beer" gets all the hottie Korean dudes, while the other girlies look on jealously, wishing they could snag some S beer of their own.

  3. LOL...well, bill get thyself to and give them a review.

    They only have reviews of the original ExFeel. We need to keep them up on the newest thing.

    Sounds like crap that helps you take a crap to me.

  4. jane, jane, goes it?

    Well, don't you know that the only way to get hottie Korean dudes is to be rail thin yet drunk more often than not? (I think a lot of dude actively try to promote that as a lifestyle for women here.)

    In general, I make it policy to avoid Korean TV. I might tune into OnStyle 'cause I like hearing the girl say "On Styleu" and they show the old SATC episodes (I have them all but, for some reason it's much more fun when they're on TV.)

    Plus, they had a contest once in which the "On Styleu" girl said "What's your Pussycat Doll Styleu"? I just loved that commercial.

    It sounds like exfeel-s would be a perfect product to promote on that channel, so maybe I'll switch from CNN (my usual TV programming) to the OnStyle channel, so I can get a laugh.

  5. I'm currently watching OnStyle. I just saw a segment entitled "Style English" where they taught Koreans how to say, "I think we should go all the way" and used one of the Sex in the City chicks as an example. This educational tidbit was followed by an ad for S Beer!

  6. Ha! Yes because that's EXACTLY how it would be for a SATC girl.

    She'd say her piece and then grab an exfeel-s beer!

    I KNOW that's what I would do.

    LMAO...I've been avoiding pretty much ALL TV lately, I can see why


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