Monday, July 2, 2007

A Year Ago Today...

A year ago today I posted my first blog entry at 4:35pm. This is really creepy because I remembered this and started writing this post around the same time. I'm going to be one of those moms who has those 6th sense feelings that freak my kids out, then again, my mom was like that too at times.

Anyway, again, it's been one year since I started blogging. Wow! I had no idea what I was doing last year when I started, I just knew I wanted to check this whole blogging thing out.

I still don't quite know what I'm doing as my blog pulls topics from all over. It all started with the World Cup last year and me just having to write a dig about my fellow countrymen.

Maybe one day I'll find one thing to talk about. Then again maybe it will just stay random. Who knows?

Anyway my dear blog, since I love Elmo, you must too!

Happy Birthday! I hope you and some other blogs go out and have a crazy fun time tonight. I'm staying in. It's raining today in Seoul. Just remember to have a designated driver or better yet, just take a taxi.

And, yes, my blog is female because I'm female. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Hence the pink birthday hat.

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