Saturday, April 5, 2008

Eddie Murphy on SNL - Two Skits That Crack Me Up --- Sorry Whitey

A classic Eddie Murphy SNL skit.

Tyrone Green and his Reggae Band

Images by Tyrone Green

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  1. Both of these are classic!!! Still funny after all these years.

  2. Eddie Murphy on SNL was my favorite Eddie period bar none.

    So I love these too.

  3. every time this gets me... CLASSIC!!! this, the C-I-L-L my landlord, the cottonland skit with STEVIE WONDER, the james brown celebrity hot tub party... ALL OF IT!!! this was the best period of saturday night live.

  4. I agree. Eddie Murphy's time on SNL was by far one of the best periods, if not the best period, on SNL. I've got to say the first generation, however, set the bar for everyone else though ;) I think Eddie Murphy eclipsed almost everyone in his cast and had an edge because he did the race humor angle so damn well. The first generation had talent across the board.

  5. i agree with you... everyone after the first season had to set the bar higher, and eddie was the one who achieved that the best. and it had to do with his commentaries on race in america, i believe.


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