Thursday, April 3, 2008

Podcasts Are Cool

As I already posted today, I recorded another podcast this week and it's now up for your listening pleasure (or displeasure).

I think podcasts are pretty cool. However, when talking to Joe and Jen over at Seoul Podcast initially, I said I didn't listen to podcasts. That's not exactly true.

I bought myself an iPod before I went on vacation and I LOVE it. I have the 80GB iPod classic. I was first going to get a Nano but for the amount of memory it gets and the price, it only costs a bit more for the classic. On that you can load up a lot.

I have almost all of the CDs that I have on my computer on it (except for the ones whose licenses didn't successfully cross over when I switched computers...thanks WMA - that's totally lame, but I'm not going to spend hours ripping CDs...again.) Outside of that minor annoyance, it's great. I was able to upload video and movies too. I didn't bother with podcasts on my trip, but being able to plug my iPod into the hotel's TV and have a John Mayer slumber party with my roommates before the cruise was incredible geeky fun. I can't wait to do it again next year.

Anyway, now I've started downloading podcasts. If something isn't going to fire up the neurons I'm not going to download it. For some that might mean what I'm listening to is kind of dull. If so, I'm sure there are podcasts out there more to your tastes. But when I hear ones where I end it thinking "wow", I'm going to link them on my blog. I'll put them in the sidebar in the "Awesome Podcasts" section. I'll rotate them over time. Check them out!

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