Monday, April 28, 2008

Shoppers - Gmarket in English

Update: May 1, 2008 @ 11:02am
Ohhhhhhhhhhh, update time. After shopping the prices online, I had a general idea of what the price would be for the camera I wanted.

Initially, I wanted the Xacti which had HD. However, the salesman explained that if I didn't have an HD TV or other HD capability it was a waste. Also, if I did have HD capability there were other cameras in the same price point with more features. I actually had a salesman talk me down. Instead of the HD camera, I got the Sanyo Xacti VPC-CA65EX (in the States the model is the VPC-E1). It's waterproof and that will be fun for the summer and when I'm on a certain cruise again next year (if I can make it.)

I got to use it yesterday, and I'm really pleased with it. I did manage to mess up once. I thought I was recording a video but something was wrong. I had to do that again, but live and learn. I'm very happy with my new geek toy.


Okay, I'm a shopper. It's a habit that was once a bad one. Now that I'm older and wiser, I've got better control of it.

Right now I've decided it's time for a new digital camera. The Nikon I got a few years ago in Japan I just never mastered. Because of that, I take crap photos when I use it. Anyone in the market for a used camera? It's good. I'm just too lazy to master how it works.

I've been using a friend's Sanyo Xacti VPC-CG65. It's an awesome little camera. During fashion week I loved using it. I even got someone I met who works for WGSN to run off to one of the electronic marts here in Seoul and she got one of her own. I figure it's her full-time job to run around reporting on fashion and what's cool, so that's good cred for these little cameras. I'm still carrying the camera with me. However, it's not my camera, so I need to get my own ASAP.

To that end I looked at some Sanyo Xacti cameras when I was in Fukuoka last week. I didn't get one, although maybe I should have. Now that I'm back here in Seoul, I decided to go to the Korean shopping websites because I've heard that's where you'll get a deal if there is a deal to be had. What I found instead is that Gmarket, a Korean shopping site, now has a mirror site in English.

Oh joy! Oh rapture! I'm serious...this is cool. Now I've yet to buy anything, so I can't comment on how functional it is. But in shopping around to price those cameras it's been pretty easy. Who knows. This probably has been up for awhile as I'd given up with even trying to shop on Korean websites awhile back.

Check it out: Gmarket Korea - English.

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  1. Thanks for this tip! I've been dying to do some online shopping but everything is in korean!

  2. You're welcome.

    I wanted the camera NOW, so I was just shopping for prices. I got the prices and then I got myself to the electronics mart at the IPark Mall ;)

  3. i've tried order at Gmarket but its really hard to read it and since its in english i can't tell which product is which when i look at clothes :/

    please tell me how?

  4. i love looking at the clothing at Gmarket (in english of course) but i tried to order but i can't tell which product is which. I was told you have to email them? but i dont know if that will work.

    How can you order stuff from there when you cant read it??

  5. Unfortunately, I was just excited to be able to "eye shop", as they call it in Korea, on the site.

    Also, I can read a bit of Korean, so that helped.

    I never bought anything, so I can't really help. Plus, I've been gone from Korea for over a year now. You really need to just email their customer service team and hope they can help you out.

    Good luck!

  6. i have been shopping from Gmarket once..even though i couldn't understand the korean, i still could able to shop for some strategy is that i look for the clothing or items that had code like numbers...example 3214training suit-gray...something like that...and also there a translate button at the top that help you translate the select bar for the check out....but basically it took a lot of time to shop since i had to compare the numbers and korean letters that are confusing..but if u love the items just give a littleof your time and enjoy..hope this help

  7. Thanks for giving folks a few tips on how to navigate the site.

    I'm in Boston this weekend, and I've still got the same camera. I'll admit though that it's probably because I actually use the camera on my phone more now. ;)


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