Monday, April 28, 2008

A Good Day

Today could have been a bad day, but it wasn't as I've learned when to accept help and ask for help when I need it. Now, of course, the result depends on who is involved. Some people are very helpful while there are others wouldn't help their grandmas.

Good for me I had someone from the first group to save me. Today I had my regular appointment to see my endocrinologist. It was time to check my glucose levels and thyroid hormone levels. My computer died a virus took it out, ooops but I had another as a backup. That's how much of a geek I am, I'd just purchased a used one off of someone. Well, that backup is giving me a bit of grief (USB issues, software issues, etc.), nothing I can't figure out, but grief is grief. Basically, I wasn't able to upload my glucose results to the computer I'm using now. It sucks in the sense that those numbers are crucial to my doctor's appointment, so we did our best without them. It's happened before, but I prefer being prepared. It was annoying as I was prepared but my computer didn't work as I expected.

In the madness of getting ready, realizing my computer wasn't cooperating and the let down that I'd have no data to give my doctor, I ran out of my apartment without my wallet. I was carrying my old computer because I was going to have one of the drives taken out as that's where my iTunes library and other files are. I run down the hill, hail a taxi and was about 1/3 of the way there when I realized I had no money, no credit card and no identification. When your parents pass away you learn real quick to not be careless. I've not misplaced or lost my wallet or keys in years. However today was an exception.

In a panic I asked my taxi driver to turn around and then I called my nurse. It ends up that next Monday is a holiday, so I couldn't reschedule. Instead, she offered to cover my taxi fare for me and then ended up loaning me money to cover my bill for today and then some. She loaned me 200,000 won (or about $200.00). I made a bank transfer to her and promptly paid her back once I got home. But still, that was very nice of her.

What hospital nurse do you know back in the States that would loan a patient, long term or not, $200 on the spot? For me, it's an example what how you're treated by Koreans when they see you as someone in their circle. At this point, I've been going to the same medical team for years. They know me quite well. However, still it's an idea that didn't even cross my mind when I was in a panic in that taxi. It was my nurse who suggested it. How nice of her.

It's just another nice thing that happened to me here.

Me going on about how much I love my health care team over a year ago: Healthcare in Seoul, South Korea Rocks!.

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  1. That's one thing I love about Korea- when you're in the circle, you're in the circle- and the kindness is exceptional. I can't say I've had the exact same situation befall me, but I've had similar ones come along, and people have been astoundingly generous. Glad the day turned out alright in some ways! Hope you get that virus out of your system.

  2. Nah, that virus took out my C drive on my other computer, so I'm on the other one now. My D drive is safe. However, since I know it's a virus now maybe I can reformat the old C drive and just use it as an extra one on the computer I'm using now.

    We'll see.

    But yeah, I don't know many people who'd loan someone who wasn't family or a very close friend $200 right out of the blue.

    That's a good thing about Koreans once you know them and they trust you.


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