Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rain vs. Stephen Colbert - 2008 rematch

The Rain vs. Steven Colbert "feud" goes on.

Rain has been practicing his English and responded to Colbert's K-pop video from last year:

It's funny and shows that Rain, or someone in his management, has a great sense of humor.

Here is last year's post on the topic: All Over You Like Egg In a Bowl of Bibimbap!

Thanks to the Metropolitician for posting this.

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  1. Why does Rain look as if he's contemplating joining a Witness Protection program circa 1985? A kid from Compton could style him better than this.

    In the words of crazy B Scott "Take me Higher Lord!" Ha!!


  2. I'm not feeling it either. He's got a subdued Farrah flip going on. It's not feathered but if you check the cover of
    Film 2.0 he's on the cover. They broke out the curling iron and tragically bumped the ends of his hair. That middle part just makes it worse. The cover shot hasn't made it to the website, but it's on newsstands right now. I just cringe when I walk past a copy.

    It hurts to see a man so pretty be styled so tragically.


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