Thursday, April 3, 2008

Seoul Podcast; Episode 2 and April Fool's K-Blog Style

I'm on another podcast. This time it's with Joe, aka ZenKimchi, and Jen who have taken over the Seoul Podcast website.

It was fun doing a more news style/talk show podcast where it wasn't just one subject. I'm on it to talk about my opinions of Seoul Fashion Week. However, we hit a list of various subjects.

Click over and listen for all of the fun: Episode 2: Seoul Fashion Week — Regina Walton, EV Boyz

Oh and note Joe's April Fool's post at my expense: Not Again, ExPat Jane

He did a few of them. I'm not the only K-blogger that got hit.

Here is another good one he got from the JoshingGnome: Government to Fund Pouting as National Treasure.

The initiative comes as no surprise to long time residents of both South and North Korea. Korean culture places a great emphasis on the power of Bbijim, an untranslatable native Korean concept that represents the sense of injustice one feels when something that never should have happened, happens.
I think this is hilarious because Korea is a nation where pouting and other forms of baby-ass behavior in adults is thought of as cute. Women do it to excess, but I've seen men pout and whine too. It irritates me quite a bit because instead of taking action, accepting responsibility or just moving the hell on it ends up becoming the problem of every person surrounding the selfish person who is acting out for attention.

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