Wednesday, April 16, 2008

MySpace Korea Launch Party

Last night I had a chance to go to the MySpace Korea launch party. It was held in Hongdae at the aA Design Museum. The space was nice.

The party was nice enough, but what was lacking for me was the reason why MySpace is here in Korea so late in the game.

I've got a MySpace US profile and I use it frequently. However, with social networks like CyWorld and search engines with user-generated content like Naver well established here in South Korea, I'm just wondering what MySpace has to offer in a market that is already pretty saturated.

Maybe those with more Web 2.0 knowledge can help me out: MySpace launches in Korea officially.

Good luck MySpace Korea.

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  1. Hi, I randomly found your blog and it's pretty sweet. I'm a KA and clueless when it comes to South Korea, having visited only once. In 1989. So thanks for the interesting and informative posts.

    Also, isn't Myspace in the US dead now? It's all about Facebook. =)

  2. You're welcome. I'm glad you found my blog ;)

    I have no idea how MySpace is doing in the US. I use it but, yeah, between the two I really love Facebook because you have more control.

    How MySpace will do here. I have no idea. I just think they've got some MAJOR competition because Korea is why ahead of a lot of places when it comes to Web 2.0. It's not a naive market by any stretch.


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