Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Fashionable Day

Fashion! Turn to the left
Fashion! Turn to the right
Oooh, fashion!
Just 'cause I had a fun day yesterday, I've decided to share it.

I got a chance to spend some time with a new friend of mine, Andrew Gordon. He's a male model working here in the Korean fashion scene. What's unique about him is he's an American who speaks Korean quite well, so it makes it easier for him to navigate the modeling industry here. We met at the last Seoul fashion week.

Yesterday evening he was in a runway show for designer 이주영, Lee Ju Young, and invited me along. If you recall I had a chance to interview Ms. Lee during fashion week. It was good seeing her again and this time I had a the chance to socialize at length which was fun. ~Yes, I know where are the interviews? They're still pending on the FeetManSeoul (FMS) site.~

It was interesting to get a more behind the scenes look at the Korean fashion industry. It was a bit of a change because most of my days are spent either in front of a class or in front of a computer. We'll be featuring Andrew as a "fashion insider" on FMS from time to time. I also took the time to interview him for the interview column I write for the Korea Herald's Expat Living section.

Andrew has scored quite a couple of coups recently as he's featured in a 12-page spread in the May 2008 issue of GQ Korea. It's a coup because of the length and because it's the first time a foreigner has gotten a feature like that in GQ Korea. The second coup is he's the face for the latest Hugo Boss campaign and that will be not only in Korea but in a few other countries. I have to say I'm proud to see an American model doing this well in a country that is more insular than not and in an industry we all know is very tough to break into much less be successful.

My interview with him will make its way to the Korea Herald sometime this month. Also, pics and video from my day will make it to the FMS site soon. As I'm not the gate-keeper on that site (meaning I'm not the one who hits "publish") all I can say is stay-tuned.

Here are some pics from the May 2008 GQ Korea spread that I found on the site. (How long that link will stay good is beyond me.)

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