Friday, April 18, 2008

Diabetics and Health-nuts Rejoice!!!

I've sat on this for a couple of weeks, so who knows if this stuff is even in production anymore.

I was out a couple of Friday's ago and there were some people set up to give freebies away. I could tell it was a selection of fruit juices and since I'm an insulin dependent diabetic I didn't bother with it.

However, the folks promoting it told me these juices by 풀무원, Pulmoune, were fresh squeezed, completely natural and had no added sugar. There were a range of flavors, but I grabbed the tomato one because other fruits have a higher sugar content.

Now in Korea juices are usually from concentrate and if they're not, you either squeezed it yourself or you paid way too much at a department store market. In fact, fresh juices are so rare that one Korean gentleman I was talking to said it was "liquid fruit." I told him that in California fresh juices are common and I'm glad to see they're here. Hopefully, sales will take off because the bottles are ridiculously small. A range of sizes would be nice.

The problem is in Korea a product can disappear just as quickly as it showed up. I hope they market this well. I'd like to be able to buy bunches and bunches of the stuff.

Hint, hint y'all - market to diabetics, market to health conscious people and market to parents.

So, yeah, sugar free lemon lime soda and now fresh juices with no added sugar!!!

Korean websites are horribly laid out for direct links, so I can just give you directions on how to get to the page. Go to the website (linked above) and do this in IE, click on 제품&브랜드 (the third choice at the top) and then 제품정보. From there you'll be at the correct menu. Then go down to 얼음/음료 and finally click on 음료. The product info is there.

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