Monday, April 21, 2008

Fun in Fukuoka!!!

Okay, I am taking a short vacation in Fukuoka, Japan right now. I have been here at least three times before and I just love it. It is a nice city for a short trip. Also, part of it is to resolve the visa issue I have been hinting about over the last few weeks. I will do a full write up once it is all over and done with.

However, I am also taking a few days just to goof off. Now I am in the Apple Store in the Tenjin area of the city and I figure why not update you folks?

Thanks for the emails. It lets me know my blog lives and does its job even when I am not plugged into the net all day long.

Now off I go to get into trouble.

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  1. ExpatJane,

    This may sound off the wall, but in Fukuoka are there any of the alleyway/stall marketplaces that are in every town in Korea? Or is it all the food stalls (I forget the name) on the street?

  2. "Pojangmacha" are what they're called in Korea. Since I'm in Japan and I can't figure out (and won't bother to figure out) how to type Korean you'll have to figure out the hangul on your own.

    I'm a shopper, so lets just say I'm not really sure. The set-up in Japan in general seems to differ. The winding alleys where you truly have no idea where the hell you are are less frequent in the cities I've bounced around in in Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima and Hakata/Fukuoka).

    Fukuoka has food stalls and I've seen them pop up all around town when the sun starts going down, but I can't say if there are or aren't any in Fukuoka's alleys 'cause that's going to be the last place you'll find me.

    I've been shopping all day ;)

  3. how long have you been in Souel? I am so jealous of you,

  4. It's getting scary the length of time I've been in South Korea, and the length of time I've been in Seoul is about 3 years at this point.

    BTW, it's Romanized as "Seoul" ;-)


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