Thursday, August 31, 2006

Youtube's "Most Devoted Uploader"

This is the second post in a row which has been inspired by The Marmot's Hole. What I'm discovering is there is a mad symbiotic relationship here in the blogosphere. You write something and somehow someone else sees it either by following a link or tripping over it in some way. They like it, or they hate it. They comment or leave a link to what they’ve created. They tell their friends how cool or crazy you are. You go and take a look and, likewise, you like it or hate it, and you link to it. You tell your friends how cool or crazy they are. It pretty much keeps evolving from there. That's a really interesting part of blogging I didn’t really know about until I started doing it.

Anyway, today’s lift from the guys over at The Marmot’s Hole is about Youtube’s most dedicated uploader: Didn’t know this about Youtube

In Will All of Us Get Our 15 Minutes On a YouTube Video? Lee Gomes from the Wall Street Journal discusses the massive impact of Youtube and how he and others have “scraped” the website to get usage data.

What is interesting is the most dedicated uploader is one who wants to focus the eyes of the world on South Korea pop culture. I have to admit that’s damn cool because that's similar to my primary aim which is to tune more folks into the international issues going on here that impact the world. I'm just much more of a talker than a linker.

The most devoted uploader is Christy Leigh Stewart, a 21-year-old college student who lives near Modesto, Calif., and who has so far uploaded nearly 2,000 videos. Nearly all involve Korean pop music, a passion of Ms. Stewart. Indeed, she says the main reason she spends too much time with YouTube is to drive traffic to, a Korean-oriented Web site she runs with her friend Megan Hansen.
Here is the link to which Ive also put in my Korea link list. Go check it out. It's cool.

P.S. Go to The Marmot’s Hole and read the post and the comments to learn what “hwaiting” means and why that’s such a damn good website domain. (The link is above).

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