Monday, July 10, 2006

"Future BMWs will self-park in your garage" - Say what?

Maybe I'm just not a visionary, but are we really this lazy that we can't park our cars anymore?

I was at and this story caught my eye. BMW has created technology that enables your car to self-park itself in the garage.

Isn’t the point of having a garage is that you just roll in, close the garage door and you’re in your home? Why would I drive my car home, get out, open the garage door and then let the car park itself?

Unless the car is also going to go get its own gas, come fetch me for lunch and then drive while I frantically work on some project in transit I just don't see the point. I understand the process of research and development. I mean this will probably lead to some features that will be very useful, but this I'll pass on.

According to the article the system uses distance-sensing technology that is used in both Mercedes and Toyota autos. Because it uses a reflective lens to work it can't be used in other parking situations like a parking lot or parallel parking. I just don't see the use for it unless there is more to it. When they develop a car that can drive me to work, then maybe I'll care.

Again, it just might be that I lack vision on how this improves the lives of your average BMW owner. I can understand James Bond needing it because he'll be putting the moves on the newest Bond girl in the back seat, but I don't see why I need it.

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