Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Samsung and Versace Pair Up: The Versus E500 Fashion Phone

I'm sorry. I'm really sorry, but it's time for me to indulge in and share my superficial side.

What’s my excuse? Well, I was born, raised and educated in L.A., so some superficiality did manage to stick. It could be worse. At least it's not a penchant for miniature dogs, plastic surgery, eating disorders, sycophancy, or gold digging.

Anyway, I found this news on the Luxist website. Samsung has partnered with Versace's youth focused line Versus to make the Versus E500 phone! The name of the phone is horribly boring, but the pink and white version is just so adorable.

According to GadgetCandy.com, the phone

...totes a 1.3-megapixel camera, music player and Bluetooth, but of course tech specs have nothing to do with why fashionistas will want this handset peeking out of their handbags.

I'm offended because functions DO matter in addition to having a cute phone.

Anyway, why do I think this phone is so drool worthy? Well, here is a picture of my current cell phone:

Yes, it’s pink, flowered and glittery complete with a smiley face charm that I picked up when I was in Japan. A woman that carries a phone like that is probably exactly what the Versus E500 marketing team is shooting for.

I’ve had it just over one year, but I’ve been considering getting one of those new Motorola Razr phones. Of course, I want the pink one.

However, the cell phone market in Korea is completely weird. I'd have to change service providers to get the Motorola. Now that's an easy process, but I'm loyal to LG Telecom because they allowed me to open a personal account. Now the reason for that loyalty because cell phone companies in South Korea are weird about opening accounts for foreigners. They have valid reasons for their reluctance, but there are practical business measures they could take that would make it easier for foreigners to get phones and insure that telecom companies don't take a loss opening such accounts. However most, even LG, won't take the steps to make it happen, but that's a rant for another time.

This obsession I have with cutesy pink phones is why this Versus E500 is such a hot phone to me.
The pink and white one is just so cute! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Now unfortunately, according to the press release, it’s going to be released in Italy at the end of August, but not here in South Korea. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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  1. Ahh, but most of my Razr-toting friends have told me many times that it sucks. So I still carry my little old-ass Nokia, waiting....

  2. Yes, I know they suck. A friend has one, and, unlike my phone, it doesn't have a flash with the camera. Also, it seems to lack a few other functions that my phone has. Plus, switching over to another company isn't what I want to do. I decided weeks ago to stick with my cute little Cyon.

    That still doesn't change the fact that when I see them, I drool a wee bit.


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