Thursday, July 6, 2006

Jamie Cullum - I Love This Guy.

Okay, it's time for a new video selection. I really like Jamie Cullum. I saw an interview on CNN International on a show called Talk Asia. I didn't know much about him, but had liked what I'd heard of his music. When he talked about his influences and musical development I realized that if I had pursued music he'd be someone I'd vibe with as he was influenced by a lot of the same stuff. Look, anyone who can appreciate a Tribe Called Quest and all the great sampling hip-hop used to do, but be an amazing jazz artist who, btw, does a great cover of Hendrix's Wind Cries Mary is a kindred spirit.

Don't get me started on the current state of rap and hip-hop. Most of it is pathetic and panders to the least common denominator of musical tastes...again, that's another post, because I'm by no means a music snob.

BTW, his album Twentysomething is great. Living in Asia, I have the special edition. He has a new album (realeased on October 11th which is one day before my birthday) out. It's also very good. For those who like to hear before buying, he has some track samples of the new album playing on his myspace page.

Anyway, I love this video because it's just a really good song.

If you hate it you have bad taste in music.

Now is the video, enjoy: All at Sea by Jamie Cullum

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