Thursday, July 6, 2006

Rideo, ergo sum

me too!!!

I wanted to blog this because I like the number 1 thing on her list of things to put a stop to.

1) I will stop accepting friend requests on Yahoo, Orkut, etc. from unknown people. I know, I know, I have made a lot of good friends on communities like these, but it is too much of a strain on the resources to have to weed through all the creeps to get to the "few good (wo)men". So, I am going to give up all the potential good friends I may have made on all these communities and messengers by refusing to friend anyone whom I don't already know, either personally or through debates on some forum or through reading/commenting of blogs.

This resonated with me because I don't know how many times I've been minding my own business online but then I get messages from whoever from wherever wanting me to be friends.

I think she sums it up nicely. Look, it's nothing personal, but considering all the morons you have to sift through online, it's best to "just say no."

Plus, I love the image of chocolates on her template.

I want to try to make a habit of sharing other blogs that entertain me because I find I tend to just bookmark them, yet not share. Hmmmmmm...does that mean I'm selfish? Probably...

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